Waterproof Outdoor Dog Raincoat

Waterproof Outdoor Dog Raincoat

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Dog umbrella's have now been spreading across the web and maybe your local store but do they really protect your dog from wet, muds and dirt? Umbrella is good but they only protect your dog partially from rain and does not even protect most of their body causing dirt and usual bathing. Worry no more as we have now the Waterproof Outdoor Dog Raincoat.

Extra Protection - wraps your dog like a burito but giving them the extra comfort to move freely while protecting them from muds and dirts.

Transparent, Fashionable - this transparent Dog Raincoat not only make your dog fashionable but also showcases their beauty. 

Easy to Wear - very easy to dress your pet on the go with as easy as snapping buttons when needed. 

Premium Quality - sewn to perfection with a handful of variants you can choose from depending on your buddy's size.

What a perfect time for your pet to be alive. Give your dog the extra care it needed! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Transparent
  • Waterproof


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