Sunshade Eyes Cover

Sunshade Eyes Cover

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Protect yourself and your kids from too much heat and radiation while you and your family are inside your stand-by car with our new Sunshade Eyes Cover. Not only protects your family but also protects your things inside that are susciptible from to much sun heat. Made with 100% nature friendly PVC and aluminum foil that reflects heat by bounces it back allowing to insulate the coolness inside. More thicker and durable than any other brands in the market. Comes in a handy measurement and light weight that is easily folded and comfortable to bring with you wherever you go. Also comes in a unique Cars characters eye design your kids will surely love. Perfect for all seasons and perfect gift for all of your love ones! Get it now while stocks last!


  • Material Type: PVC+aluminum foil
  • Item Length: 130cm
  • Item Width: 70cm
  • Net weight: 330g


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