Spring Nut Cracker

Spring Nut Cracker

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These Spring Nutcracker is a brilliantly designed nutcracker that uses a spring to cleanly crack the nuts inside of it. Simply place the spring over the nut you would like cracked open, hold down the spring using your thumb and middle finger, pull back the ball on the end of the spring and let go. As you let go of the ball, the pin on the inside of the spring slams down onto the nut and cracks it, allowing the spring to surround and keep the shell from flying every which way. Nutcrackers aesthetics, functionality, and design was able to win the Red Dot Design Award. Perfect gift for nut lover friends and love ones!


  • Material: Stainless Steel, Silicone
  • Bottom Dia: 6cm
  • size: 10.5*6.6*10.5cm


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