Portable Phone Pocket Printer

Portable Phone Pocket Printer

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This is our favorite product at the moment. Ever wish you could easily print photos from your phone? Well, your wish is our command. Use this awesome mini-pocket printer to create some cool prints on the go. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and a Memobird app that you download for both ios or Android, then prints your images on our special thermal paper. It uses only heat to print the images, so you never have to replace an ink cartridge! It's as simple as that!

Trust us, you'll love this! Hurry and get it now! This is a perfect gift for friends and love ones!

How to Set-up:

Scan QR Code to download APP:


  • Max. Resolution: 300dpi
  • Print Speed: 20ppm
  • Size: 50*58MM

Package includes:


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