Portable Mini Washing Machine

Portable Mini Washing Machine

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 Hanging out in cafe with friends and accidentally spilled a coffee, tea, ketchup, wine, etc.? No worries! You can easily wipe it off with this Portable Mini Washing Machine. 

Portable, Handy - you can bring with you wherever you go. Very easy storage.

Energy conservation and environment protection - being only the size of a palm, it's easy to use, with minimum use of water, energy and time.

Versatile - Suitable for clothes, shoes, backpacks, etc.

The handy washer can be carried along in your handbag or pocket. Comes with an innovative squeeze-wash technology that can remove stains within 30 to 120 seconds. All you need to do is push a button on top to daub some liquid detergent on clothes, put some water into water tank and gently clean the stained area. It's tiny nozzle releases small portion of water, so that there's no need of washing your entire garment but just the partial dirty section. Stop frustrating yourself and do not allow a simple dirt ruin your day! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Housing Material: Metal
  • Power Source: Battery (AAA)
  • Product size: 17.5cm x 4.5cm

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