Octoberfest Ride-on-Shoulder Costume

Octoberfest Ride-on-Shoulder Costume

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Most costumes now-a-days require you to cover your face with a mask or some sort of apparatus. This is not only bad for breathing, but it also is hard to drink booze. Which is really what Halloween is all about. This Octoberfest Ride-on-Shoulder Costume is most likely the costume you've been waiting for.

The Oktoberfest ride-on costume is made from EVA materials along with PPA plush cotton for his head, hands, and fake legs. The costume is one-size fits all for most adults up to 6 feet 2 inches tall. Not only great for Halloween, the costume also works great for celebrating Octoberfest, no matter if you are. Could also be use for sports games, bachelor parties, ski-trips, charity fun-runs, beer festivals, and more.

To use the costume, just slip your feet through his body and into his legs, and strap yourself in. It will then give the illusion that the Oktoberfest beer drinker man is giving you a piggyback while you sip beer and live the lavish life of not having to walk around. Feel free to wear some Lederhosen in tandem with the costumer for an even better effect! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Material: Cotton


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