Mini Spy USB Camera / Charger

Mini Spy USB Camera / Charger

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It might look like an ordinary USB wall charger, but this  Mini Spy USB camera/Charger can give you a security for multiple surveillance purposes.

Mini Spy USB camera/charger features  a 1080P HD, built-in 8 GB hidden camera lens allowing you to easily monitor any room in your home or business. It is an easy operation - just plug it into any standard AC wall outlet and it will start recording, automatically stop saving files.

No matter where you need convert video surveillance, this mini Spy USB camera charger will blend in easily. No one will suspect there is a camera hidden inside. This device even works as a functional charger to charge your favorite smartphone.

Keep an eye to your space without letting anyone know. Perfect gift for security purposes.


  • 8 GB Memory records to micro SD card hidden inside the device
  • Records 1080P HD Clear Video
  • Functional USB Charging Port


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