Mini HD Camera

Mini HD Camera

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Record your most glorious moments in full 1080p HD!

Our Mini HD Camera packs ALL the features below into a compact shell. We know it is suitable for outdoor use including sports events, nature observation, weather coverage as well as our favourite: POV Shots! Environmentally friendly, this camera is rechargeable by USB so you won't need to replace batteries constantly.  

As the name suggests, it’s a perfect cube that measures approximately 1.4 inches all around, and it’s incredibly lightweight. It’s small enough that it fits easily into any clothing pocket, and easy to handle between your fingers or hold in your hand. Make this little gadget be your newest fave! Perfect gift for your friends and love ones!


Main Features:

  • 120-degree FOV provides you with a wide field of view
  • Night vision supports capturing high definition pictures during night or dark environment
  • Advanced H.264 photography compression technology keeps high-quality videos saves storage space so you can store more of your precious moments
  • Timestamp for ease during playback
  • One key lock for your security
  • Loop-cycle recording saves storage space efficiently
  • Supports maximum 32GB TF memory card 
  • Support 5 - 10m motion detection distance
  • Built-in 200mAh Li-ion battery


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