Magnetic Window Cleaner

Magnetic Window Cleaner

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Cleaning the outside of your window just got way easier. The glider can simultaneously clean both sides of your window while letting you stay inside. Thanks to it's powerful magnet. The Glider spreads cleaning liquid across the entire window, allowing you to wash off dirt in one smooth motion. It also comes with a microfiber cloth to wipe off any remaining streaks. And if you're worried about the glider falling, close your window on the attached string or wear your security noose to prevent falling.

To have both sides of your window be squeaky clean, clean both sides of the same window with this ingenious magnetic glider. Cleaning the outside of your window should not be that difficult. Well yourself up in generosity this new year. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Material: Plastic, Microfiber Cloth, Rubber
  • Suitable for 15-24mm double -layered glass


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