Magnetic Bloom Hourglass

Magnetic Bloom Hourglass

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Does ordinary hour glass bore you? Thinking how to make your Hourglass extra-ordinary?

Well, we got this sorted out for you! - Introducing our Magnetic Bloom Hourglass! That's not a normal hourglass. Thanks to the magnetic field, the magnet powder inside will fall and bloom like a beautiful black flower.

Three Dimensional (3D) - A strong magnet is in the base which is the catalyst to affect the magnet powder when you make the hourglass work. So that you will see a 3D flower blooming process in front of you expanding the mystery of magnetic fields.

Premium Quality - The hourglass is made of high quality shiny transparent glass for spectacular viewing. Also comes with a gorgeous and exotic woodwork. The inside, however, is made of magnificent magnetic powder that gives you the blooming effect.

Perfect Gift - Magnetic Bloom Hourglass is literally a gorgeous piece of art great for all ages and all occasions like wedding, anniversaries, birthdays and many more showing-off the perfect aesthetics of an hourglass.

Easy to Use - Basically, you only need to put the shimmering glass body on the smoothen wooden base. Then flip and you're good to go! 

Doing the ordinary hourglass thing, extra-ordinarily well! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Materials: Glass, Wood, Magnetic Powder
  • Gender: Unisex


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