Long Lasting Peel-Off Lipstick

Long Lasting Peel-Off Lipstick

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 According to the Daily Mail UK, "The research suggests that red lips and perceived attractiveness are still inextricably linked, with red lipstick proving to be the most powerful attractor and significantly increasing visual fixation." With this Long Lasting Peel-Off Lipstick, you no longer need to hide your inexplicable appeal.

This magic peel-off lipstick is every girl's dream. You can use anywhere everywhere you go without getting stains and damaged lips. Easily peels off and you're good to go. Your lips represent one of the most sensual aspects of your body and play a critical role in human sexual attraction. The Long Lasting Peel-Off Lipstick is now available in 4 sweet colors - wear them and secure significantly greater levels of attraction than those who do not. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


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  • Size: 1.6cm * 10.6cm


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