Limited Edition 5PCS Yin-Yang Wolves Canvas

Limited Edition 5PCS Yin-Yang Wolves Canvas

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Which side are you on? This highly recommended and hassle free canvas is an absolute must have in any corner of the house or in the office. Defying the odds and favor, this canvas fits perfectly on almost all wall color adding beauty and life to your boring walls as it is designed to compliment colors. Printed in a high quality canvas that will surely last long. You can also use this as a cover for walls with defects and redefine space and elegance. Now you can choose what fits your wall as it's now available in 3 unique and economical sizes. Hurry, only limited stocks available! Grab it now! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!

  • Material: Canvas
  • Size1: 20x30cm x2pcs+20x40cm x2pcs+20x50cm x1pcs
  • Size2: 30x40cm x2pcs+30x60cm x2pcs+30x80cm x1pcs
  • Size3: 40x60cm x2pcs+40x80cm x2pcs+40x100cm x1pcs


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