Less Shell Egg Cooker

Less Shell Egg Cooker

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You will never have to peel hard-boiled eggs again with the easy-to-use eggies kit designed for stove-top cooking.

Get right to the best part of hard-cooked eggs minus the hassle of removing shells with Less Shell Egg Cooker. This revolutionary stove-top kit takes over the job of boiling to perfection as eggs bob independently in their individual Eggie containers. No more burned fingers trying to peel reluctantly stuck shell fragments. Just wait for the non-stick plastic holders to cool, and each hard-boiled egg pops right out. You can prepare up to half a dozen eggs at once to serve whole or dice for salads and other dishes. Each egg comes out with a flat bottom, making it easier to decorate the tops or slice for an attractive topping. 

Dishwasher/Microwave Oven Safe - the egg cups can be heated by micro-wave oven or steaming spot. High-quality plastic is non-toxic for your body. Non-stick, easy to clean and store on your cupboard.

Egg Cup plus Separator - allows you to experiment with different tastes.

Flexible Egg Cooking Tool - can make perfect steamed egg without egg shell, keep egg fresh,delicate and convenient to eat.

Prepare healthy snacks in a hurry for your self and family. Use the included egg white separator when you want to eliminate yolks. Unique containers with twist-on rings and top loops fit snugly in place. Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Size: 6cm x 6cm x 8.5cm

Package Includes : 

  1. 6 x Eggies
  2. 1 x Egg Separator


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