Fiery Dragon Faucet

Fiery Dragon Faucet

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Add a touch of ancient mythical dragon style faucet into your sink or bathroom with this Fiery Dragon Faucet. Carved with elegance and beauty this faucet adds an ancient yet classy way unto your sink and bathroom. Made with high quality brass that would surely last long and the metal effect would really make the visitor's eye stagger. Now available in four different finishes primarily shiny and matte finishes that is so luxurious and classy. Designed with two water inlets to cater hot and cold water and mixes them up base on your choice level of temperature using the two handles mounted on the body. Perfect for luxury look on your house, office and hotels. Also perfect gift for love ones!

  • Installation Holes: 1 Hole
  • Height: 8.3in Width: 3.1in


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