Easy Bridal Buddy

Easy Bridal Buddy

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This is the Bridal Buddy as seen on Shark Tank! This slip makes it easier to pee on your wedding day discreet under your wedding gown. Save your bridesmaids!

So, how does these work? Simple, bag your dress and put your arms on through the holes. Cinch to hold up and protect your gown and that's it! Fits all sizes and dress silhouettes. Perfect for the bride-to-be!

The Bridal Buddy is the only product on the market TODAY that will help you use the bathroom in your wedding or ball gown on your own!
Bridal Buddy undergarment slip in a cute pink bag! Use for your trip to the potty on your wedding day! When choosing, take into consideration heels will make you taller! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Material: Polyethersulfone
  • Size : 95cm (length)
  • Medium : waist size from 65 cm ~ 85 cm
  • Large : waist size from 85 cm ~ 105 cm


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