Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner

Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner

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 Introducing a new way of vacuum cleaning! This is the vacuum attachment you have been dreaming of! It is not just a brush but it is a Dust Cleaner with many suction tubes that helps to suck up dirt & dust in the tiniest of spaces. 

Flexible - made with 36 flexible, micro-size suction tubes designed to clean the most hard to reach places. No need to move things before dusting! Ideal for dusting around fragile delicate objects. 

Removable and Portable - universal adapter is compatible with almost all vacuums. Easily attaches to any vacuum & ergonomic grip for comfort & control. 

Eco-friendly - Sensitive electronics are safe due to anti-static properties. With non-stick coating prevents it from clogging even your pets will not be afraid of it.

Premium Quality - The Dust Brush Vacuum Cleaner does not bend or break. It always returns to its original form.

Pick up dust, not your things! You need one so bad. Perfect gift for friends and love ones! 


  • Material: Plastic
  • Package : Brush, Universal Adapter


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