Dachshund/Small Dog Carrier Bag

Dachshund/Small Dog Carrier Bag

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Let your pet dog travel with style and elegance with this Dachshund/Small Dog Carrier Bag. This carrier bag comes in a multitude of bright fun colors, and is made with quality canvas that is windproof for seasons - autumn and winter.

Carriers for dogs are the best way of traveling far distances with your furbaby. They are not only comfortable, but also keep your pooch warm and secure. With its retro-striped pattern and boho look, you can now extend the fashion statement of your dog.

A soft and foamy carrier of appropriate size, your baby dog can now come with you safely and comfortably. Start showing other pet parents that caring for a dog can be done in style! Perfect gift for your dog and for your loved ones!

  • Fitable Weight: 10 kg
  • Material: High quality soft canvas


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