Cotton Thread Hair Remover

Cotton Thread Hair Remover

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Removing hair has never been easy. Facial threading is a traditional beauty technique from ancient China.By manipulating the threads repidly,the fine hair on face can be eliminated leaving your skin smooth and soft. 

COTTON THREADED - safe and environment-friendly. Leave you with a delicate skin without needing to apply chemical ingredients and sharp tools.
CENTRAL LINKAGE SPRING - strong and tough stainless material. Durable!
NON-SLIP PUSH SWITCH - anti-slip and convenient to use.
BUILT-IN LIGHT - to see every tiny bit of unwanted hairs.

Meanwhile,it is also a convenient,safe and fast way to remove unwanted hair. The simple and efficient gadget works on your eyebrows, cheeks, upper lip and even your legs. The twisted cotton strings pull the hair right from the follicle so you'll never have to wax again. Without any chemical ingredients, heat, medicine or knife used, there is no side effect. It is the most ideal hair remover for body and face since it treat your skin in a safety way.

Say goodbye to spa prices and shaving bumps! Perfect gift for friends and love ones!


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 190x72x30mm
  • Power consumption: Below 500mA (12 DC)


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