Anti Slip Rotating Product Display Turntable

Anti Slip Rotating Product Display Turntable

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No need to worry looking for the perfect angle for your product display and advertisement. With this 20 CM Anti-Slip Rotating Product Display, you can capture several photos of the product in several angles. Perfect companion for your Studio Photo Box!

This revolver features the anti-slip white velvet top. Which has two different rotating speed that is Adjustable to high speed 6-8rpm to slow speed 3-4rpm. Can load up to 2 pounds of display products and widely used in jewelry, watches, mobile phones, digital cameras and other products of the display.

If you are for display perfection, then this revolver is yours. Perfect gift for photographer and businessmen friends and love ones!


  • Speed: 6-8rpm ; 3-2rpm
  • Powered: Battery or AC Plug (AC plug included)
  • Height: 5.5cm /Width: 16cm
  • Diameter: 20cm


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