4 Pcs/set Paw Knit Chair Protector

4 Pcs/set Paw Knit Chair Protector

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Cat lovers rejoice! It’s not only you who can wear adorable cat socks, now your table and chairs can do too! And these Cat-themed Paw Knit Chair Protector is a must for all the chairs in your home.  These chair protectors are a set of socks that you can slip over the ends of your chairs or tables to make it look like they have cat feet, plus they'll protect your hard wood floors from your chairs when people move them around.

You know that everyone will come into your home and tell you how cute they are and how chic and trendy you are. Perfect gift for all cat lovers and for your love ones!


  • Material: Woolen Yarn
  • come in a set of 4 socks
  • Size : 3.5*11cm


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